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101 000 PLN
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800 m2
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Offer no. 265/9434/ODS.   Plot of land marked as C-4 , with an area of 800 m2, access via an internal road.
For sale plot for a single-family house located within the city of Koszalin, in the area of Jamno, specifically Łabusz at Julków Jamneńskich Street. This is one of several dozen building plots in this area intended for houses, cottages, residential development. The area is beautifully located with fantastic access in an enclave of health, nature and the new residential buildings themselves. What could be better than living or taking a holiday in your own small or bigger house, almost next to the Jamno Lake, almost next to the seaside beach in Mielno, Łazy, with access via an asphalt road after the exit from the S-6 motorway. A perfect place to build a house, a small big one as you wish, to enjoy the sea breeze calmed by the surrounding dense forests, to look through the window as cranes peck at the grass by the fence and seagulls fly in the sky. A small shapely plot of only 800 m2 for those who like their own little garden, but big enough to turn on your groomed Husqvarna from time to time and cut the thick, luscious lawn evenly. For those who want more and more, there is the alternative of buying ( unfortunately not for a lot ! ) a second one next door and then, after a warm-up with the mower, you can already move on to training with your son to make him another Lewy or build a house for your beloved daughter. There is nothing like a family atmosphere at the barbecue and an Italian noisy atmosphere at dinner.
The area is level, located on an asphalt street (about 200 m), which, in just a kilometre or two, ends at Jamno Lake itself, near the MOSiR marina with kayaks, pedal boats, boats and other waterborne equipment. There you can watch dinghies and slowly mooring small ferries Koszałek, Julek, Mila...called water trams. At the Łabusz marina you can take your bike for a trip across the lake to Mielno or Unieść and there moor in a tourist paradise like on Majorca, for lovers of ice-cream, waffles, hot-dogs, fried fish or more stylish pubs, and then on a small charge, only on foot! , return by boat to Labush and to the cottage.
What could be more beautiful than living in such a land devoid of the noise of the street, the whirr of cars, the hurry and daily deadlines, where time flows lazily under the dictates of nature, the singing of birds, occasionally disturbed only by the buzz of the new neighbour's lawnmower, which still ambitiously fights to keep the lawn level.

The plot has 800 m2 , it is a typical plot for a house, larger smaller, as it suits you. It is adjacent to other plots for sale, so the greedy buyers ( or the preventive ones! ) may also allocate the land to their family or friends to glide along the S-6 motorway in a convoy of their own cars - at the prescribed cruising speed, of course.

Currently, electricity can be connected to the plot. This is at the discretion of the Electricity Company.
There is no gas here, but at current prices it may be a good thing that representatives of Vaillant and Buderus do not call us every day with offers. Nevertheless, the town of Koszalin (which is not a poor town) will certainly soon take care of the yellow line running in the ground so that the owner's wallet can be drained a little in winter. But there is an indication of the installation of a heat pump with photovoltaics, which is becoming a reliable, economical and very efficient solution.

Municipal water is available in the main street, but with new houses sprouting up like mushrooms in the forest, the blue line will soon be a dense web in this area. As it happens, your own well is always your own well, with juicy, healthy water from the depths of the earth, filtered through the coastal gravelly soil, with a fresh, odourless aroma with a large admixture of minerals.... health itself.
The cost of building a well is nothing compared to the other costs of building a house, so there are many advantages: healthy, fresh, cheap and at the same time to be enjoyed at will (garden, swimming pool, driving a yellow Karcher on the pavement, polishing your love or car, etc. ...). for free!

The sewerage system is in its infancy in Labush for the time being, although it runs towards the lake and we can only look forward to the pipe's lateral threads reaching these plots as well. Oy... but water and sewage are not free, so the next drain in your pocket will be installed in the near future penie several years. For now, this economical and efficient organic septic tank is the best alternative in the area and safe for the wallet.  

The location is great. The plot lies in an area where roads have recently been renovated, we have a close ( ca. 4 km ) exit from the S-6. What more do you want from life, to drive your favourite 2-3 litre buzzer on electricity, petrol or diesel on a wide motorway, without crossroads, bends and traffic from the opposite direction ..... All the way to the sea, then take the Koszalin Wschód exit on the asphalt road to Łabusz, pass Jamno ( a district of Koszalin - not a lake ! ) and moor in Łabusz on Jamneński Julki . There a small section on an internal road and we are at the gate of our own house ( or still a plot of land ). It is easier to get here from Wrocław than many from near Warsaw to work in the centre of the capital.

Affordable price, typical shape, even terrain. The area is not currently fenced. Each plot has boundary files hammered into the ground. Together with the plot, the buyer purchases a share in the access road to his property.

The area is zoned for residential development.
Interested persons are welcome to contact us, we will have a coffee in the office or virtually on the Internet and dash by car or mouse to see the area.
Nearby there is everything what the heart desires: the lake, the sea, the shopping centre EMKA, shops, restaurants. You can walk to the marina in Łabusz and in summer take one of the ferries on Jamno to Mielno or Unieście for a romantic dinner.  Unfortunately, the last ferry returns at 9 p.m., so if someone is overjoyed by a good wine from Turnau (I recommend a great one) and the view of a red circle slowly fleeing behind the horizon of the sea, they will have to "swim" across the lake to return home ....  ... just kidding ! no need to carry a canoe on your back, just a credit card with a small cash balance .... And then by bus, taxI or by hitchhiking, you can always go back to the Jamnese Julks, so that the dear Golden Retriver will be glad to see you, as if he had not seen you for a thousand years ....

Apart from ferries on the lake (it is such an original means of transport), we can travel along quite good asphalt roads to £azów, through Osieki and further to Unieœcie, Mielno and in other directions to Dar³owo (1 hour drive), Ustka , Jaros³awiec. For those wishing in the other direction, we have Sarbinowo, Gąski, Pleśna, Ustronie Morskie .... all the way to Kołobrzeg.
Thanks to the S-6 expressway, we can be in Kołobrzeg in 20 minutes and if we add a few minutes, we can reach Szczecin or Świnoujście (soon there will be a tunnel instead of climate ferries).
I personally love to go further afield from time to time and land in cosmopolitan Belin on Alexanderplatz to brush up on my German and look at the diversity of the population.
Construction of the S-11 , the next motorway from Koszalin to Poznan and on to Silesia, has now begun.  Therefore, in two to three years' time, the people of Wielkopolska will soon be driving to the seaside along a straight, even route in two hours.
The potential of this place is enormous. I must mention what I like most, nature. It is a land of unique charm . The proximity of the lake and the sea has created a unique microclimate here. Already in Roman times Jamno, Łabusz, Podamirowo, Dobiesławiec were centres of people. If people settled here thousands of years ago, these must have been exceptionally human-friendly places.

Therefore, if you wish to have a piece of your own land in a historical place, full of nature and fashionable healthy energy, you must purchase such a plot of land , of course, through us, which will be for you a guarantee of safety and secure investment. Remember, land by the sea is not cheap, but its price is also increasing rapidly. In these times of inflation and global change, this investment will soon pay for itself several times over. You don't have to build a house right away, you just need to acquire land that is steadily, steadily increasing in price. What better and more secure. You are welcome.

If you are interested, we invite you to find out more about this property after signing a presentation contract with our office. In order to view the property please contact a representative of Prodaheim Nieruchomości at +48 577 410 005 or biuro@prodaheim.pl. More similar offers can be found on our website www.prodaheim.pl.
Our office in Koszalin at ul. Zwycięstwa 10 is open from 9.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday. Due to our field work, please call before coming and make an appointment for a specific time.
All offers are for information purposes only and constitute an invitation to bargain in accordance with Article 71 of the Civil Code and do not constitute an offer as defined in Article 66 et seq. of the Civil Code.


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Ewa Zabuska



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